Welcome to My New Nirvana Yoga Blog

The Nirvana Yoga Experience…

People think that spirituality & worldly life are two different things. They are not, they are just two sides of the same coin

— Guru Madhavacharyan

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new blog, A Journey Through Nirvana Yoga. Nirvana Yoga is an absolutely blissful experience which completely changed my life. Through this blog I am trying to share my experience & knowledge about Nirvana Yoga so that all the lovely & wonderful people like you will also know about it & get benefited like I did.

Published by Dr. Jasmine

Doctor and Nirvana Yoga Teacher. One of the main faculty members of Institute of Nirvana Yoga. One of the chief disciples of Guru Madhavacharyan(The Founder of Nirvana Yoga). Yogic Name - Shri Bodhi Madhavam Adhilaya Karunanandha. Official name - Dr. Jasmine J

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