My Experience with Nirvana Yoga – Part 1

Yoga is an ancient science. In its true essence, yoga is a complete guide to leading a perfect way of life.
But unfortunately today after all these centuries, yoga has lost its true form. Now only the name remains which is being misused more often than not. It is horrifying to see all the contortions & gravely unscientific practices that are practiced around the world in the name of Yoga.
Recently I came across something called beer yoga. What does that even mean? Apparently there you drink beer as you do yoga. And I read somewhere about dog yoga or doga. It’s about creating a positive attachment with your pets. Trust me guys, these are not Yoga. They have nothing to do with Yoga.
Yoga is about learning to give away attachments & connecting with your inner self. Any practice that takes you in the opposite direction can never be called yoga.
There are also some yoga systems which focus their entire efforts & skills on mastering impossible poses & postures in the name of yoga asanas. Some of these are not even yoga postures. Yoga poses & postures are just the minutest part of yoga. Yoga is much more than that.
Luckily for me, I was fortunate enough to get a chance to learn the truest form of yoga – The Nirvana Yoga System. This system is not like any other system of yoga.
Nirvana yoga is a complete science. It’s a therapy. Its a way of life. , in fact, an art of wholesome living. It teaches you to live in the moment, free of all worries & anxieties. It teaches you to be complete.
Let me share my experience with the Nirvana Yoga System.
At the age of 23, my life took a horrible turn of events. I chose to marry someone who doesn’t belong to my caste & found myself rejected & barricaded by my parents and the whole big family I had from both my parent’s side. My parents were helpless. They were bound by the rules of religion. I had to leave my home & cut all ties with them. I was an outcast.
I was a very emotionally sensitive person at that time. A young girl who only wanted to be loved by all. For me being loved by my family was everything. I didn’t expect such a severe reaction to my decision of marriage. I expected a fight of course but I thought they will all approve in the end and give their blessings.
But instead, I received only hatred & curses. This send me into an emotional shock. I couldn’t cope up with the fact that now a large number of people hate me. I started to hate myself. I fell into despair. Remorse & self-reproach was at its peak. I stopped talking, I stopped smiling. I always felt miserable. My husband felt helpless. He didn’t know what to do. I projected all my miserable feelings onto him. As a result, our relationship suffered. Everything in my life was falling apart. The more I thought about solutions, the more complicated it seemed. I lost all hopes & stopped trying.
However, as I felt like I lost all purpose in my life, one day I was advised by someone to practice yoga. I was born & brought up as a Muslim. So the idea didn’t seem appealing to me at first. But as this person was one of the very few well-wishers left in my life, I agreed to give it a try. My husband also agreed to it gladly.
I thought I will be going to some yoga studio. But instead, I was taken to a calm & serene place which was called an ashram. (Thapovanam Siddhashramam). Being an Indian, I knew what an ashram was. Its a place where spiritual people lived & a place to go if you want to learn spirituality. I felt a bit alarmed. I didn’t want to pursue spirituality. I didn’t even know what spirituality really meant. I just wanted to have a peaceful life & to be loved by my family. But as always, I was afraid to voice my thoughts. So I silently followed.
We sat in wooden chairs arranged in front of a big peepal tree. We were told to wait there as Guruji (Guru Madhavacharyan, the founder of Nirvana Yoga) will be arriving shortly for His daily discourse sessions. Again I felt a slight alarm in my heart. I had only heard & read about Gurus. So I was not sure what to expect.
After a short while, Guruji arrived. He was tall & dressed fully in white. And I could immediately see that Guruji was exuding an aura of peace & bliss and it was radiating all around Him. I suddenly felt a strange sense of calm & peace of mind which had nothing to do with the circumstances in my life. I then noticed that it was not just me, everyone else was also feeling the same.
Guruji spoke softly. He inquired just the basic things – our names, where we are coming from etc. He then asked about the purpose of our visit. We informed that we want to learn yoga.
Guruji then asked us what color each of us liked & what taste we preferred. This appeared very strange but later I learned the meaning behind it.
Guruji then looked at me with a warm smile and started telling me about the state of my mind. He had such accurate insights into the things going on in my head that it stunned me. I was keeping it well hidden from the rest of the world. But at that moment instead of growing uncomfortable & irritated, I felt something else. I felt a kind of relief & I felt consoled. I felt like for the first time in a very long time, I am finally at a place where I am meant to be.
So I told Him everything that happened. He listened patiently. And then He explained to me all that I just said from another point of view and in very simple words. Suddenly everything started to make sense. I could understand things from my parent’s point of view too. I realized that they don’t really hate me, they are just more emotionally hurt than I am and their hurtful words are coming out of their pain. Then Guruji pointed out a few mistakes from my side & from my parents as well. Everything now seemed less complicated & simple. I wished I had met Guruji before all this happened. He would have given me the right advice & following it my life would have turned out to be wonderful.
I left ashram that day feeling relaxed & happy again. I felt unburdened & light after my first meeting with Guruji. My husband was also feeling the same. We had been advised by Him to come back & learn yoga. And surely we went again.

[to be continued…]

Published by Dr. Jasmine

Doctor and Nirvana Yoga Teacher. One of the main faculty members of Institute of Nirvana Yoga. One of the chief disciples of Guru Madhavacharyan(The Founder of Nirvana Yoga). Yogic Name - Shri Bodhi Madhavam Adhilaya Karunanandha. Official name - Dr. Jasmine J

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  1. Good work dr
    Jus an opinion ,yoga is no removing attachments.its intense form of inclusion .Inclusion in to ur inner self and the same time with the universe.Intense inclusion+intense relaxation=yoga


    1. Thank you for expressing your opinion. However I would like to clarify that the ‘attachment’ I mentioned in my post and the ‘inclusion’ you mentioned are two entirely different things.. The inclusion comes from the understanding that we are one with everything in this universe.. feeling oneness with something & feeling attached to something are two totally different forms of existence.. Anyways once again thank you for your comment.. looking forward to more valuable opinions in the future..


  2. Jasmine i am so happy you decided to share your journey through Nirvana Yoga with us and i cannot wait to continue reading your posts 🙂 I think it will be inspiring and revealing for many people! Jai Madhav Ji :*

    Liked by 1 person

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