The Energy Of Healing – A Journey Through Nirvana Yoga

The Entrance Of Thapovanam Siddhashramam

Energy is a term that we are all familiar with. We know that energies exist in a variety of forms. We have studied many of them as part of our education. They have been scientifically explained. We know a great deal about energy. There is static energy and kinetic energy. There is thermal energy & solar energy. There is electrical energy and there is nuclear energy. Gravitational force is a form of energy. Even the food we eat in the physical form gets converted into food energy.

We relate being energetic to a state of good health. We believe if a person feels less energetic, there might be something wrong with his physical or mental well being. We even relate energy to our state of mind. We believe that if a person is feeling good, he will feel more energetic which prompts him to do more and make more achievements. But if a person is not in a good mood, especially sorrow & disappointment, it affects his energy to do things. We even know that with a positive state of mind and attitude, humans can recover from deadly diseases like cancer which are otherwise incurable. How? Because of the positive attitude he feels which gets converted into positive energy which fights against the negative disease energy & eradicates it.
Having known all this, if I come to you and tell you I can cure you with energy, how many of you can believe me? If I tell you, I know of an energy that can heal anything & everything if you believe in it, how many of you can think it might be real?
Well! I was also skeptical at first until I understood the science behind it. It was my third visit to Thapovanam Siddhashramam. Just with the past two visits, I had noticed a lot of changes in myself, which in itself was an unbelievable thing for me. I had come so far from the person I used to be. I have become more joyous and carefree. I no longer felt the need to constantly talk about my worries or sorrows to anyone who will listen. I no longer felt my life was a tragedy. I met and greeted others with joy. I started to crack jokes. I noticed that people were starting to like my company. I started to feel more confident about myself. All this with just two days – A day of meeting with Guru Madhavacharyan and another day spend fully in prayer. I have heard before that yoga can transform your personality but Nirvana yoga was doing that in an insanely fast pace & I haven’t even started to practice proper yoga yet. Just by being in this place, I was getting transformed. I understood that this is not just any other yoga place. This place is special, its real and its unique. But how is all this happening? I wanted to learn about the process behind it. I humbly raised my questions & the disciples patiently explained it to me as simply as they could.
I found out that the entire system of Nirvana Yoga is based on energy processes & transactions. In general classification, two types of energy work on our body, mind & spirit – Positive energy & negative energy. Positive energy is in & around us in many forms such as the Universal energy, Solar energy, Heat energy, also as good thoughts & deeds. Nature is abundantly filled with it. And the prime source of it all is the Supreme Power or God that we call in many names. Negative energy also exists in and around us in forms such as diseases, negative emotions, filth, etc. And the source of negativity is a lack of positive energy.
From the day of creation of our soul, we have come a long way through lots & lots of births and rebirths and have acquired a lot of positive as well as negative things from each of these birth. They remain with us until removed and cleansed. Many of the diseases that affect us in this birth and many of our character traits have its roots running deep into many of theses acquisitions from previous births. And we won’t be able to live a life of complete health, peace, and happiness until all things negative are eradicated from us ie., from our soul.
Just as we wash away dirt from our body surface with water, these negativities needs to be washed away with positive energy. And even though hydrogen and oxygen are always around us in the air & atmosphere, it needs to come together and be combined in a specific proportion to be used as water. Likewise even though different varieties of positive energies are always around us in abundance, it needs to be converted into a specific form & frequency so that humans can receive it & use it for cleansing their body, mind, and soul.

In Nirvana Yoga, every practice is specifically designed in such a way that the practitioner automatically tunes himself into a frequency that allows him to receive this cleansing energy into his system. In other words, through practicing Nirvana Yoga, you receive positive energy in its most potent and functional form and the rest of the changes happen automatically in you. It’s an energy that cleanses you, heals you and strengthens you. This happens in all the Nirvana Yoga practices and there is even a specific practice called ‘Kalkaraiki’ which is a self-healing energy technique in which you can heal yourself using a specific form of healing energy that will be passed on to you by Guruji’s disciples who act as the source of the healing energy.

All this was new information to me. I could see the logic and science behind it. But it still didn’t answer my prime question. How did positive changes happen in me, even at the first visit to the ashram, when I hadn’t done any kind of Nirvana Yoga practice to receive the energy?

And in my mind, I somewhat knew the answer but I still needed confirmation. So I let them explain. As I guessed, it was Guruji’s presence that initiated the changes in me. Guruji has spent his entire life in intense yogic & deep meditative practices. He was receiving this positive energy his entire life. He had done extensive research on already existing yoga practices, often experimenting with them on himself, and found out the pros and cons of many of them. He later went on to develop this new system of Yoga called the Nirvana Yoga System in which he developed each practice into a perfect way of receiving positive energy. And that too not just any positive energy – the strongest and purest form of positive energy. Guruji had long before cleansed His soul completely and merged completely with the energy that He is now always in unison with – the Supreme Positive Energy. As we all know, energy always flows from a place of higher concentration to lower concentration. Guruji is filled with this energy so much so that He can act as a source of that energy. Hence Guruji always exudes this energy and it radiates to every living being around Him.

So when I sat before Guruji on the first day, I was in direct exposure to the energy fields surrounding Him and as I already had some form of positive energy in me that I derived from my many years of prayers, it was easy for my soul to resonate with Guruji’s energy and receive it effortlessly. Thus that day even without my knowledge I received huge amounts of positive energy from Guruji. And this increased furthermore during my next visit to the ashram in which I spend a whole day in prayer. Those prayers were also part of the Nirvana Yoga System. So anybody who participated in the prayer received lots of positive energy.
And the energy I received was healing me from inside even though I was unaware of it. Every moment and every second, this energy kept working inside me just as medicines worked on a diseased body part and was repairing me from inside. As my emotional pain started to heal, I started to feel happy again.
This is what happened to me & this is what happens to anyone who practices Nirvana Yoga. Now my enthusiasm to start practicing Nirvana Yoga increased a hundred folds and I couldn’t contain my excitement. And I & my husband decided to go and stay in the ashram for a few days to learn all the Nirvana Yoga practices. The dates were set & like a small child I was eagerly waiting for the days to come

[to be continued..]

For more details about the Nirvana Yoga System, you can visit their official website

You can also visit the facebook pages – ‘Madhavacharyan’ and ‘Thapovanam Siddhashramam Trust’

Published by Dr. Jasmine

Doctor and Nirvana Yoga Teacher. One of the main faculty members of Institute of Nirvana Yoga. One of the chief disciples of Guru Madhavacharyan(The Founder of Nirvana Yoga). Yogic Name - Shri Bodhi Madhavam Adhilaya Karunanandha. Official name - Dr. Jasmine J

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