What happens to your body when you do Yoga?

When I started Nirvana Yoga, I was under the impression that yoga asanas and other practices provide exercise and health to your body and practices like meditation provide peace and serenity to your mind. Thus Yoga provide both physical as well as mental health.

It was true to an extent but I soon found out that there is much more to it. Yoga asanas for the body and meditation for the mind- that’s not how Nirvana Yoga works.

Do you know that in our body, apart from the physical cells and organs, there is a plane where all the essential energy regulations occur? Do you know that like our circulatory system and nervous system, we have a network system for the flow of energy? Yes, we do and that plane within our physical body is known as the energy body.

And we also have a causal/cosmic body which embodies our true consciousness and identity – the truth about who we are.

But why are we unaware of the existence of these two planes of our body? Because they can’t be seen with the naked eyes and science is still under the process of creating equipments which can successfully record their existence.

Just because you don’t see them, does it mean that they are non existent? Of course not. We can’t see the air around us with naked eyes but we know that air is present. How? Because we can feel air when it flows. A breeze, a wind, a storm- there are so many ways in which air blows.

Likewise the only way to feel energy is to let it flow in your body. Energy is always around us. It comes in variable forms. We have to choose the right kind of energy and receive them. Much like we choose suitable substances from our environment as food and consume them.

When we select certain substances as food and consume them, our body absorbs it and converts it into food energy which our physical body uses for its functions and activities.

But our energy body and causal body can’t function on food energy. They need to receive different kind of energy. How do we receive energy for our energy and cosmic bodies?

Before answering that, let me answer another question that may arise in your mind. Why do we need to receive energy into our energy and cosmic bodies? What’s their purpose and function?

We understand that different organ systems are part of our physical body, right? For eg:- The heart and blood vessels, the brain and the nerves, etc. If any of these organs are not functioning properly, what does that mean? It means that we are not healthy. We are unwell or sick.

So we know it’s highly important that all the organs of our physical body work in its full healthy form.

Likewise energy and causal bodies are part of your whole system. Your body is complete and works as a whole only when all the three planes- the physical, the energy and the causal bodies are functioning together. Otherwise it leaves you seriously dysfunctional as a human being.

But we are not aware of this. Why? Because our studies and understanding are mostly limited to our physical body. Over the centuries we became a species that gave more importance and attention to our physical body and the other two became rudimentary or working at a bare minimum level.

As a result none of us live the way how human beings are supposed to live. None of us experience complete health, peace and happiness in our life. None of us fulfill our destiny. Why? Because two most important parts of our body are weak and diseased – the energy and causal bodies.

This is where the importance of receiving energy comes in. Only when you start receiving the universal energy (which is also known in many names like cosmic energy,spiritual energy, or simply as positive energy) , your energy and causal bodies will start functioning again. Only when they both get back to a functional and healthy state, your whole system will improve. Only when your whole system ie., your body, mind and soul improve, you can live upto your full potential.

For that to happen, you should start receiving energy like you consume food daily. Like our nose and mouth through which we breath and eat, we have portals in our energy body through which energy can enter and leave. We have portals to receive positive energy and portals to eliminate negative or disease energies. But these are remaining closed and non active now. How do you open and activate the portals? By practicing Nirvana Yoga.

Nirvana Yoga practices are specially designed for this purpose. To help you receive more and more energy into your system and make you complete.

Now back to the title of this post- what happens to your body when you practice Nirvana Yoga? You receive more energy into your three bodies. As Nirvana Yoga is a highly advanced system, this process starts right from the first day of your practice. Guru Madhavacharyan has designed all the practices in a perfect way of receiving energy.

So when you start practicing Nirvana Yoga, your energy portals open and you start receiving energy. The energy which is positive and highly therapeutic acts on all three planes of your body and heals you from within. As a result your body, mind and spirit starts to evolve more and you reach a perfect state of health and happiness.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing. With Nirvana Yoga we take your health further more forward providing you complete physical, mental, social and spiritual perfection. A perfect life is not a myth, nor is it unachievable. With Nirvana Yoga, you can definitely lead a perfect life.

For more details about Nirvana Yoga system, visit their website http://www.nirvanayogaglobal.com.

And if you would like to learn more about the energy and causal bodies and their functions, or if you have any queries you can email me at ajourneythroughnirvanayoga@gmail.com or you can leave your queries in the comments section below.

Have a happy day everyone! See you in my next post. 🙂

Published by Dr. Jasmine

Doctor and Nirvana Yoga Teacher. One of the main faculty members of Institute of Nirvana Yoga. One of the chief disciples of Guru Madhavacharyan(The Founder of Nirvana Yoga). Yogic Name - Shri Bodhi Madhavam Adhilaya Karunanandha. Official name - Dr. Jasmine J

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