What COVID-19 taught us about ourselves!

We always think that we know a great deal about the human race. And the things we learned made us realize that we are far more superior than any other species of living beings cohabiting our planet

Somehow this information lead us to the impression that we have the right and power to rule this planet. So we modified the world according to our whims and wishes, so much so that majority of the other living species were forced to go into an exile, away from human eyes and many of them even went extinct.

As we established our supremacy over other living beings, we were in a drive to establish our supremacy over other human beings too. Human race became an ego driven species where everyone wanted to be supreme to other humans in one way or another.

Some tried to establish their supremacy through money, some through powerful positions, some through religious preachings, some through their learnings, some through their talents etc.

And those who could not be superior to anyone through any means were considered to be losers. They were left with no choice other than to live under those supreme people obeying their rules and molding life according to what these supreme people found fitting.

Soon the human world was run by billionaires-all rich people. Billionaire business men, insanely rich politicians, rich religious leaders, and even those wealthy celebrities of the entertainment field started to have a say on how the rest of us should live our lives. We look at them and think that they are all leading a happy and successful life.

Soon those in the lower positions grew impatient. They became more and more dissatisfied with their lives. They wanted to live like those supreme people. What all those self proclaimed supreme people had in common was money -huge amounts of it.

So those in the lower positions also started trying to gain more wealth. They believed that money will give them all that they want. So then everyone got into a rush of making more money and to get into higher positions.

The whole world became ego driven and money driven. Those with wealth and power felt frightened that they will lose their hold if others rose above them. So they went into a panic to keep on increasing their wealth and power. Because of this reason, no matter how much they gained, it was never enough for them.

People got into such a state of mind that they would do anything to gain money and power. And those who already had money and power would do anything to keep gaining more and to prevent others from raising above them.

The survival instincts we had as human beings soon turned to selfish motives, manipulation and cruelty . In short it turned into evil instincts.

As evil instincts started kicking in, all the good instincts, humane instincts started leaving us. Like the rest of the living species,they also went into exile and became hidden from plain sight.

Those who kept those instincts alive and continued being good started to suffer a great deal in the society. They were exploited, manipulated and taken advantage of. They always used to get hurt, so much so that soon they too buried their goodness inside, in order to survive in this cruel world.

Justice was totally shattered and those who tried to raise their voice against injustice were cornered, tortured and even killed. Soon those too fell silent as they were afraid for their life.

The whole world is in chaos now. Sometimes we hear about people or organizations trying to do some good work, charity or fights against injustice but more often than not, with hidden agendas. Those who work genuinely for a cause are always silenced. There is still a small percentage who refuse to give up and keep on spreading good but they are constantly made to face lots of difficulties and hardships.

People with good intentions started to work silently and in secrecy. They continued working for their cause without attracting attention to themselves. It was the only way to survive.

At times, nature reminded us how powerless we are through some natural disasters that no men could prevent from happening. But humans failed to learn the right lessons.

Rich and powerful people used their wealth and power to stay safe during many such natural calamities. Again only the common population became victims and suffered. Often the post disaster phases were exploited by businesses minded people leading to rich people getting richer and poor people getting poorer.

And it makes me furious to think about the opportunistic religious leaders who exploit people’s faith in God and manipulate them so much so that soon most of the world’s population lost its faith in God.

What most of the people learned from their circumstances and experiences is that this world is run by evil and the only way to survive in this world is to join hands with the evil.

Now a pandemic called COVID-19 has struck the world. A lot of nations are forced into entering a lockdown. The rich and the poor are equally affected by it. The rulers and the ruled are equally susceptible to it. None of the religious leaders are immune to it. No wars can defeat it. Money will not help you prevent it. Rich people can’t fly to foreign countries to escape from the virus. Infact the politicians, businessmen and religious leaders are more susceptible to it because of their constant social interactions. Everyone is afraid now and everyone’s left with no choice other than to lay low.

Everyone had to stay at home. No one could proclaim that “The virus will not affect me, I am so powerful”. Everyone is in equal threat now.

The virus reminded us that despite all our differences of caste, creed, religion, race, color, nationalities and socioeconomic status, we all humans have the same anatomy. Our structure is essentially the same, we have the same kind of cells in our body, the same kind of organs. The same kind of blood runs in all of us. Basically we are all the same.

Then what’s the point in religions? What’s the point in races? What’s the point in war? What’s the point in hatred?

Our human body is just a structure made of flesh and bones. We are so delicate. Anything can take our life any moment. A poor person walking without shoes on the streets and a billionaire dressed in his best suit – both can die of a heart attack any moment. Because both are equally stressed-one due to lack of money and one due to excess of it.

A poor person riding a bicycle and a political leader traveling in an aircraft-both can meet with an accident any moment. A religious leader and an atheist-both can die of COVID-19 any moment now.

Even without COVID-19, what assurance do we have that we will have a long life? How can we be sure that the world will not end tomorrow? Or next week? Or next month?

So tell me friends, whats the point of wealth and power if you don’t use it wisely? What’s the point in accumulating wealth or running for money if it doesn’t give you the happiness and peace that every human being deserves? What’s the point in power if you can’t use it to help make other people’s life better?

We humans have forgotten who we are. It’s actually shameful to see how nature is recovering and breathing a sigh of relief in this short period of two weeks or so when we humans stayed inside. The pollution has significantly reduced. Animals are coming out more freely. The oceans seems to have less plastic and industrial wastes. Even the ozone layer is recovering due to our withdrawal into our houses.

I would like to share some knowledge from my Guruji(Guru Madhavacharyan). We are all souls. That’s what makes us unique. Otherwise we are all the same. All we need for a fulfilling life is health, peace and happiness. And you don’t need money or power for that.

All the souls are equal before the Supreme Power that created us. That Supreme soul, the Supreme Primordial Energy, The God is the only supreme entity in this world. The rest of it is our imagination. We imagine that people with money, power and positions have supremacy over us. Soon this imagination turns into our belief and we start acting according to it.

Peace and happiness is always inside our soul. But we don’t realize it because our gaze is set far from our reality and fixed on all the unnecessary things we want to achieve.

But in reality all you need is a soul that’s connected to the Supreme Divine Entity. That connection will provide you with all the health, peace and happiness you need in order to have a joyful and fulfilling life.

And I can guarantee you this because I am speaking from my own experience. Through the knowledge that my Guruji( https://www.facebook.com/madhavacharyan/ ) gave me as Nirvana Yoga , I was able to regain all that was lost and reestablish my connection with The Divine as a result of which I experience a constant state of peace and happiness. And I lead my life as the happiest soul on earth. 🙂

And I believe that if I could achieve it, everyone else can achieve it too. My friends, use this period of quarantine wisely. Reflect upon yourself. Ask yourselves the right kind of questions. “Who am I? Why was I created? What is the purpose of my existence?” .

And stay safe and stay in prayer. Pray for your safety as well as for the whole world. Pray that those affected with the virus recover soon. Pray that no new persons get infected. Pray that the pandemic pass without further harm. And pray that we all emerge as better human beings. A simple prayer can cause a big effect. So keep on praying.

Published by Dr. Jasmine

Doctor and Nirvana Yoga Teacher. One of the main faculty members of Institute of Nirvana Yoga. One of the chief disciples of Guru Madhavacharyan(The Founder of Nirvana Yoga). Yogic Name - Shri Bodhi Madhavam Adhilaya Karunanandha. Official name - Dr. Jasmine J

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  1. Thank you,Jasmine, for once again reminding us the benefit of aknowledging the true Self as a part of the Divine, for pointing to go within to find the happiness which resides in our souls only.

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