How to stay safe from COVID-19!

Most of you must have been listening over and over again about preventive and safety measures to follow during this time of COVID-19 pandemic.

Yet I would like to talk about it again and explain why each and every one of those steps are important, along with few other points to stay safe from the virus.

This is a real life and death situation and sadly not many people are aware of its whole picture yet. Dead bodies have been piling up in some countries and are being buried in mass graves. Many countries are unable to provide the necessary medical care to the large mass of population that are affected. Everybody is trying their best to overcome the situation.

We, in the ashram(Thapovanam Siddhashramam Trust) and Institute of Nirvana Yoga has been strictly following these measures under the guidance of our Guruji (Guru Madhavacharyan) and we all are staying safe and peaceful.

Now lets get to the topic. Staying safe from COVID-19 outbreaks involves mainly two things.

1.Following all the safety measures


Why should we stay in prayer? Because the positive energy you receive while in prayer helps boost up your immunity.

By praying you will feel calm and peaceful which will relax your sympathetic nervous system. Sympathetic nervous system gets active when you panick. One of its actions is that it inhibits your immune system along with some other systems.

As a result, your immunity is low when you are in a frightened state. Prayer helps you to feel relaxed and lets your body workup its immunity.

Why boosting up your immunity is so important during this period? Because usual antibiotic medicines will not act against viral infections. Antibiotics are useful against bacterial infections.

COVID-19 is caused by a specific variety of Corona viruses. Our body fights viral infections by producing specific antibodies against each type of viral infections. These antibodies produced by our immune system helps us prevent the virus from attacking us.

Scientists all over the world are trying hard to develop an antiviral vaccination against the corona virus but has not yet been successful in it.

What does vaccines do? Vaccines are made of inactive form of viruses which when injected into our body will cause no harm but they trigger our immune system to release antibodies in abundance. These antibodies in our system helps us prevent the original virus from infecting us.

You see, this is why strengthening your immune system is highly important now. In the absence of vaccines against COVID-19, our immune system should be able to produce enough antibodies if it comes in contact with the virus.

Staying in prayer helps you to boost your immunity. Also the energy you receive during a prayer helps you to stay in the right mindset and awareness to help yourself and your loved ones stay safe during this pandemic.

You should not just be praying for yourself but for other COVID stricken countries too. A lot of people are facing their deaths throughout the world. They are frightened and desperate.The positive vibe that’s created while you pray for them will be directed to them and will help them recover too.

Never underestimate the power of a simple sincere prayer. It can work miracles for you and for the world too. 🙂

Now lets talk about the safety measures. The corona virus enters into your body mostly through your nose and mouth.

Once the virus enters your body, it multiplies in hundred folds. Inside our body, a single virus can produce thousands of virus . Each of this in turn produces thousands of new viruses. Like this it goes on.

They first attack the cells lining the nose and sinuses and cause sneezing and running nose, they then replicate fast and spread further down to the throat causing sore throat and dry cough.

So when an infected person sneezes and coughs, hundred thousands of virus are released out. Hence it’s important that everyone covers their mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing.Because you cannot know for sure who is infected and who is not. Only if everybody follows this step, can we help prevent direct spread from one person to another.

Also make sure that the tissue or piece of cloth that you cough or sneeze into is not left lying around but disposed properly. In absence of a tissue or hand kerchief, you can sneeze into your elbow. But make sure you don’t roam around in those cloths. Change them and wash them properly.

An infected person’s saliva will also be full of virus. It can come out while laughing, talking etc. So keep atleast onemeter distance from other people while interacting with them. Also hugging, kissing and even handshakes must be avoided.

Even a seemingly harmless handshake can be risky. Because the virus that came out of an infected person can land on metal surfaces, clothings etc and stay active for hours on those surfaces. A person who have touched any virus containing surface will have the presence of virus in his hand as virus easily adheres to living cells.

And if that person shakes hand with you, the virus gets transmitted to your hand. The virus will not permeate into the cells of your hand’s skin but when you later touch your face with your hands, the virus will enter inside through your nose and mouth.

This is why it’s important to wash your hands often or clean them using a sanitizer. If you can’t find a sanitizer, washing with hand wash is enough but make sure you wash thoroughly covering all the surfaces for atleast 20 seconds continuously.

Wash your hands frequently. Also consciously avoid the habit of touching your face with your hands. Even if you are staying at home, you should follow this.

Avoid cold drinks. Make a habit of drinking warm water frequently. If you are at a stage where the virus has entered your nose , mouth and throat, drinking cold drinks will increase the spread. You can prevent the virus from further spreading by drinking hot water, saline water gargling etc.

When the viruses further descend into the lungs, it attacks the lung cells and causes difficulty in breathing and in some cases it leads to pneumonia.

When the virus enters the blood stream from our lungs, it spreads throughout the body causing fever,muscle pain, headaches and in severe cases it leads to respiratory failure and kidney failure often leading to death.

But there is no need to panic. You can prevent getting infected by following the proper precautions. Even if you get infected you can very well recover from it by seeking medical help at the early stages itself. But its very important to be cautious.

The best way to stay safe is to stay at home and avoid social contacts until this pandemic passes. Please stay at home. Don’t go out unless there is an emergency. If an unavoidable situation arises where you are left with no choice but to go out, wear a mask, keep distance from others, keep on washing your hands frequently, avoid touching your nose and mouth.

In absence of curative medicines, the only way to stop this pandemic is by breaking its spread. Only by making sure that no new person is infected until the already infected persons recover, we can defeat the pandemic and get back to our normal lives again.

This is why the governments are taking severe measures such as social distancing, isolations, lock down etc. Its for your own good. So everyone kindly understand the gravity of the situations. Co-operate with your government, follow their instructions and stay at home.

Staying alive should be your first priority.

Unlike India, especially Kerala where the govt is making sure that every citizen is provided with all the necessary requirements even while in lockdown, we can see that in many countries around the world, the situation is much worse.

The governments are unable to handle the spread or provide necessary medical assistance for everyone.

Only way to stay safe is to take care of yourselves and follow all precautions. Dont step out of your house unless its an emergency and when if you have to get out due to urgent matters, make sure you follow all the safety measures.

Stay home, stay safe and stay in prayer. And lets overcome this together, forgetting all the boundaries of nations, castes, races etc that we created upon ourselves.

Also make sure to pass on such informations to your friends and family. Don’t hesitate to extend a helping hand to the needy. Just make sure to follow all the safety measures. Keep on following the news. Educate yourself about the situation and ways to make it better. “God dwells in righteous actions – Guru Madhavacharyan”

Published by Dr. Jasmine

Doctor and Nirvana Yoga Teacher. One of the main faculty members of Institute of Nirvana Yoga. One of the chief disciples of Guru Madhavacharyan(The Founder of Nirvana Yoga). Yogic Name - Shri Bodhi Madhavam Adhilaya Karunanandha. Official name - Dr. Jasmine J

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