A throwback at my older self..

Today… Right now… In this moment.. you should live…that is the true art of wholesome living – Guru Madhavacharyan

I am sharing this quote with you because I have learned through experience that its so true and cent percent possible.

No I didn’t achieve it all by myself because I was a royal mess, so lost in my own word of anxieties and insecurities.. with not even a faint idea about who I am or what I wanted from my life… I am not ashamed to accept that I had no self confidence nor self esteem..

I let people walk all over me because I thought I needed them and I won’t survive emotionally without those people .. So, many a times I silently endured their ways because I was afraid people important to me will not like me anymore if I said no to them.

I was weak emotionally and unable to help myself. I was in denial. I did not want to accept that things were not right in my life.

But fortunately and I believe it was a true blessing, not just good fortune, I found Nirvana Yoga and my Guruji, Guru Madhavacharyan, the founder of Nirvana Yoga.

It would be more apt to say that Guruji found me.. I strongly believe that it was Guruji’s divine intervention that led me to Nirvana Yoga. I was incapable of finding help by myself.

Then with the guidance of Guruji and with the help of Nirvana Yoga practices, I was able to discover my true self. And knowledge about my true self empowered me so much that if you meet me today, you will see no trace of that old weaker self of mine.

Everything negative left me forever, so did the negative people in my life. Today I stand tall, feeling proud about myself and forever grateful to my Guruji for being kind enough to rescue a lost soul like me. I am just one of the countless souls that Guruji rescued.

Dear fellow human beings, I have found that only true knowledge can make you truly empowered.. not money..not power..not fame.. not other people. Only you can help yourself.

Help yourself. I can only show you the way that helped me change. Rest of it, you have to do.

Nirvana yoga and Guru Madhavacharyan can help you heal from anything thats hurting you. It can heal you from physical illness too. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Nirvana yoga came into existence to help people like you and me. That’s the only purpose of the system.

I hope me sharing my experience will pave way for atleast one soul in pain to find their relief through the system. 😇

Published by Dr. Jasmine

Doctor and Nirvana Yoga Teacher. One of the main faculty members of Institute of Nirvana Yoga. One of the chief disciples of Guru Madhavacharyan(The Founder of Nirvana Yoga). Yogic Name - Shri Bodhi Madhavam Adhilaya Karunanandha. Official name - Dr. Jasmine J

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