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The Nirvana Yoga Experience…

People think that spirituality & worldly life are two different things. They are not, they are just two sides of the same coin

— Guru Madhavacharyan

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new blog, A Journey Through Nirvana Yoga. Nirvana Yoga is an absolutely blissful experience which completely changed my life. Through this blog I am trying to share my experience & knowledge about Nirvana Yoga so that all the lovely & wonderful people like you will also know about it & get benefited like I did.

Can you train your mind to lead a happy & fulfilling life?

When I tell people that I lead a happy and fulfilling life,they look at me with disbelief.

Because when they see me, they see a lot of things lacking in my life. My job is not a highly paid one, I don’t yet have a house of my own,I don’t have my own vehicle,nor do I wear expensive clothes or go on frequent tours and indulge in exotic cuisines. They also see a lack of family , its just me & my husband and we are in our thirties. So they don’t understand whats so happy & fulfilling about my life.

People often miss to see the happiness in my face. Their attention is instead on the way I live and they try to talk sense into me. There is no point in arguing with them. So I let them assume whatever they want and I keep on smiling.

But I would like to ask one thing. Who decides whether you are happy or not? Who decides whether you like your job or not? Who decides whether you would like to be single or start a family? Who decides what kind of vehicle you want to own? Who decides which food you enjoy the most? Who decides what kind of clothes you want to wear? Who decides how many rooms you want in your new house?

Its ‘you’, right? Or more specifically – ‘your mind’. Your mind tells you whether you like your job or not. Your mind tells you whether you enjoy being with your family or not. Your mind tells you whether you are happy with your current boyfriend/girlfriend or not. Your mind tells you what kind of food you want to eat and what type of clothes you want to wear.

So when you don’t have the things your mind would like you to have, you feel unhappy & dissatisfied. And even if you manage to achieve some of them, your mind reminds you of all the other things on the list which you haven’t achieved yet. So you still feel unaccomplished. And a lot of people don’t even get the chance to give preference to their likes and dislikes.They feel stuck in life due to their circumstances & responsibilities to take care of their family.

But what if you can influence your mind instead of being influenced by it? What if you can train your mind to be happy in any circumstance? What if you can learn to be happy like you learn to drive or swim?

Well! Yes its possible. We can reprogram our mind. We can delete all the self limiting beliefs from our mind. The environment in which we grew up have a great deal of influence on us. Our parents,teachers,relatives,the society – they formulated the belief systems according to which we lead our life. They molded the way you think and analyze things. But what if they are wrong? The key to happiness is not a luxurious life and external beauty. The meaning of success is not becoming rich.

If you had a traumatized or emotionally insecure childhood, you may not remember it now but the memories are still active in your subconscious mind. It prevents you from feeling secure and relaxed even though you have better life circumstances now. The poisonous and unhealthy relationships you saw around you as a child prevents you from a healthy relationship in your adult life even though you get a caring & loyal partner. And those who had a emotionally happy childhood & adolescence (which is very rare, by the way), find it easy to be joyful and overcome various setbacks in life.

Now, we can’t change the past. But we can definitely eliminate their memories from our conscious & subconscious mind. You learned a lesson from a bad experience. Now you don’t have to relive it again & again through the memories. You can learn to let it go. You can eliminate all the negative influences from your consciousness. You can leave them all behind and move forwards towards positivity, happiness and peace.

How did I achieve that? Through the practices of nirvana Yoga system.

All the practices of Nirvana Yoga system has a profound influence on your mind. Your mind is an accumulation of memories and experiences and your brain uses them in decision making. Your brain only has stored information from this life but mind travels with your soul and has accumulations from many previous births. (for more details on the topic mail me on ajourneythroughnirvanayoga@gmail.com) . However your mind is more powerful & deep rooted than you realize.

As I have explained in many of my previous posts, Nirvana Yoga System is based on scientific processes of energy reception & transformations.(for more details on the process, contact via http://www.nirvanayogaglobal.com) .Your mind is not a visible organ, why? Its invisible because its an energy level entity. Like medicines act on your physical body to heal diseased cells. The energy received through Nirvana Yoga Practices act on your mind & heal it by eliminating all the negative accumulations. Through practices like the Amasana Meditation technique, you remove past negative memories one by one.

Only when the negative influences start leaving your consciousness, you can start to feel real happiness and peace. You will realize that your circumstances were not limiting you. Your mind was.

For me, I suddenly started to enjoy everything around me. There were things I haven’t even noticed before. I started to feel less strained & exhausted by my job. I noticed certain benefits of my job which I hadn’t thought of before. That made me like my job better. I started to notice the positive traits of my colleagues more & started to like them better. This lead to good friendships & I started enjoying my time at work. My taste preferences changed. I found simple & nutritious foods more delicious than a compound meal. I was surprised to find out that many of the fruits and vegetables which I used to avoid previously were infact really delicious. I started preferring comfort over fashion and it made me feel so good. I started having more positive interactions with people around me. I was shy before but now I started to reach out & help people more which is a highly satisfying feeling. I started to love myself and felt the same kind of love towards everyone around me .Now I enjoy each & every day of my life thoroughly and go to bed everyday with a deep sense of peace and satisfaction.

And all this happened automatically with out me trying hard to behave certain way or forcing me to like certain things. All I had to do was spend some time for Nirvana Yoga practices regularly without fail and the rest followed.

I was so amazed by the system that I soon took Nirvana Yoga Teacher’s Training Course & became a Nirvana Yoga Teacher myself. The teaching experience is more fulfilling than the learning experience and it changed my life forever. I will always be grateful to Guru Madhavacharyan & the yogis of Thapovanam Siddhashramam and with Guruji’s blessings, now I am one among them .

I can’t describe in words how much blissful & blessed I feel everyday. And that’s the main reason why I started this blog – to share my experience with the world so that many others like me will get a chance to go through this life altering Nirvana Yoga Experience.

For more details you can visit the website http://www.ajourneythroughnirvanayoga.com. If you would like to learn more about the topics I discuss you can personally contact me through my mail ajourneythroughnirvanayoga@gmail.com or inbox me at my Facebook page A Journey Through Nirvana Yoga.

Bye for now guys. See you in my next post. Stay happy & stay blessed.

What happens to your body when you do Yoga?

When I started Nirvana Yoga, I was under the impression that yoga asanas and other practices provide exercise and health to your body and practices like meditation provide peace and serenity to your mind. Thus Yoga provide both physical as well as mental health.

It was true to an extent but I soon found out that there is much more to it. Yoga asanas for the body and meditation for the mind- that’s not how Nirvana Yoga works.

Do you know that in our body, apart from the physical cells and organs, there is a plane where all the essential energy regulations occur? Do you know that like our circulatory system and nervous system, we have a network system for the flow of energy? Yes, we do and that plane within our physical body is known as the energy body.

And we also have a causal/cosmic body which embodies our true consciousness and identity – the truth about who we are.

But why are we unaware of the existence of these two planes of our body? Because they can’t be seen with the naked eyes and science is still under the process of creating equipments which can successfully record their existence.

Just because you don’t see them, does it mean that they are non existent? Of course not. We can’t see the air around us with naked eyes but we know that air is present. How? Because we can feel air when it flows. A breeze, a wind, a storm- there are so many ways in which air blows.

Likewise the only way to feel energy is to let it flow in your body. Energy is always around us. It comes in variable forms. We have to choose the right kind of energy and receive them. Much like we choose suitable substances from our environment as food and consume them.

When we select certain substances as food and consume them, our body absorbs it and converts it into food energy which our physical body uses for its functions and activities.

But our energy body and causal body can’t function on food energy. They need to receive different kind of energy. How do we receive energy for our energy and cosmic bodies?

Before answering that, let me answer another question that may arise in your mind. Why do we need to receive energy into our energy and cosmic bodies? What’s their purpose and function?

We understand that different organ systems are part of our physical body, right? For eg:- The heart and blood vessels, the brain and the nerves, etc. If any of these organs are not functioning properly, what does that mean? It means that we are not healthy. We are unwell or sick.

So we know it’s highly important that all the organs of our physical body work in its full healthy form.

Likewise energy and causal bodies are part of your whole system. Your body is complete and works as a whole only when all the three planes- the physical, the energy and the causal bodies are functioning together. Otherwise it leaves you seriously dysfunctional as a human being.

But we are not aware of this. Why? Because our studies and understanding are mostly limited to our physical body. Over the centuries we became a species that gave more importance and attention to our physical body and the other two became rudimentary or working at a bare minimum level.

As a result none of us live the way how human beings are supposed to live. None of us experience complete health, peace and happiness in our life. None of us fulfill our destiny. Why? Because two most important parts of our body are weak and diseased – the energy and causal bodies.

This is where the importance of receiving energy comes in. Only when you start receiving the universal energy (which is also known in many names like cosmic energy,spiritual energy, or simply as positive energy) , your energy and causal bodies will start functioning again. Only when they both get back to a functional and healthy state, your whole system will improve. Only when your whole system ie., your body, mind and soul improve, you can live upto your full potential.

For that to happen, you should start receiving energy like you consume food daily. Like our nose and mouth through which we breath and eat, we have portals in our energy body through which energy can enter and leave. We have portals to receive positive energy and portals to eliminate negative or disease energies. But these are remaining closed and non active now. How do you open and activate the portals? By practicing Nirvana Yoga.

Nirvana Yoga practices are specially designed for this purpose. To help you receive more and more energy into your system and make you complete.

Now back to the title of this post- what happens to your body when you practice Nirvana Yoga? You receive more energy into your three bodies. As Nirvana Yoga is a highly advanced system, this process starts right from the first day of your practice. Guru Madhavacharyan has designed all the practices in a perfect way of receiving energy.

So when you start practicing Nirvana Yoga, your energy portals open and you start receiving energy. The energy which is positive and highly therapeutic acts on all three planes of your body and heals you from within. As a result your body, mind and spirit starts to evolve more and you reach a perfect state of health and happiness.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing. With Nirvana Yoga we take your health further more forward providing you complete physical, mental, social and spiritual perfection. A perfect life is not a myth, nor is it unachievable. With Nirvana Yoga, you can definitely lead a perfect life.

For more details about Nirvana Yoga system, visit their website http://www.nirvanayogaglobal.com.

And if you would like to learn more about the energy and causal bodies and their functions, or if you have any queries you can email me at ajourneythroughnirvanayoga@gmail.com or you can leave your queries in the comments section below.

Have a happy day everyone! See you in my next post. đŸ™‚

Ten Days With Yogis and How it changed my life – A Journey Through Nirvana Yoga

Yogis of Thapovanam Siddhashramam interacting with children

Hello everyone. This is the fourth post of a series. If you are a first time visitor, I recommend you read the other three to get a better understanding of the topics I am sharing with you. It’s ok if you don’t want to read them now, you can go on with this post, you will still be able to follow my story.
So next time we (me and my husband) went to the ashram (Thapovanam Siddhashramam, for details, visit http://www.nirvanayogaglobal.com ) all prepared to stay there for ten days and learn as much as we can.
So far, I had only seen the main hall of the ashram where yoga practices and meditation are taught. This time we got to see the whole premises and I was surprised to see that the ashram was quite small but still it accommodated more than 30 people at a time. Everyone lived in perfect harmony and co-operation and each one made the most out of the smaller spaces they were allocated.
We were given a small and perfectly clean room which occupied two small cots and a table which left a lot of space to move around. I was surprised to see how the simplicity of the room made it look more spacious than it was. Later I found out that two disciples were living in that room and they happily moved out to a much smaller room sharing it with its occupants in order to give us a room to stay. We felt a bit guilty and wanted to apologize for the inconvenience but they brushed it off like it was nothing, like giving us the room was the most natural thing to do.
The people in the ashram always surprised me. I have never before seen such a bunch of good-hearted and kind people together in one place. They always put other people’s needs before theirs.
I started to observe them and wanted to know how they behaved while away from the eyes of people visiting the ashram. And I found out that they behaved the same way with those visiting the ashram as well as among themselves. They didn’t have different faces as we did – a face for the public, a face for our friends, a face for our workplace, a face for our family and a very different face from all this when we are with ourselves.
The more I started to observe them, the more my curiosity grew.
The most frequent thing I noticed was that they all smiled so generously and with kindness. The smile always reached their eyes and you can’t help yourself from smiling back.
I observed that at times when they were interacting among themselves, they always spoke to each other with respect. But they also made jokes about each other and were laughing together. I noticed that they took everything with a tinge of humor and always found the funny side of any circumstance. But they never made fun of others or said anything that would hurt other people’s feelings.
The next thing I noticed was their patience. No one seemed to lose their temper ever, even among themselves I never saw anyone raising their voice at others. No one was considered superior or inferior. Everyone, even a child, was treated with equal respect.
We were given a schedule for ten days which included yoga practices in the early morning and evening, meditation and araiki(a self-healing energy technique) in between, and an hour of prayer in the evening. We were given simple yet delicious vegetarian meals and were allotted an hour of rest after lunchtime. We were not supposed to use phones unless to take an urgent call. It was a very refreshing experience. Ten days full of me-time, away from the usual hustle and bustle of life.
We were taught yoga by one disciple, meditation by another and araiki by a third one. And two others took care of our meals and other needs. There were times when I couldn’t follow an instruction and I would do it wrong again and again & they had to repeat it a lot. But they all did it with such patience and love that it always used to touch my heart.
At first, I thought all these disciples were like monks, who had left everything else behind in pursuit of spirituality. So I had a thought in my mind that maybe it’s easy for them to be happy and peaceful all the time as there is nothing much to worry about. Everything is left behind, right?
But then I was greatly surprised to find out that most of them lead a life much like ours. They went to work. They had a family. They had a spouse, children and old parents to take care of. They never left anything behind. Most of the disciples in the ashram stayed with their family and went to work. And many disciples lived outside the ashram. They stayed in their home with their family and spent time in the ashram during the daytime.
This is one of the main things that Guru Madhavacharyan (The founder of Nirvana Yoga, for details, visit http://www.nirvanayogaglobal.com) taught his disciples. Normal life and spirituality are not two different things. You don’t have to leave anything to pursue spirituality.
But then I wondered, how can they stay immune to the emotions that bind you to people in your life? How can they stay immune to the stress and tensions brought by the jobs and responsibilities in life? They had to find the money for their children’s education or to pay mortgages or afford the medical expenses of their parents or in-laws. They are exposed to the same kind of things we are exposed to in our daily life and yet it doesn’t affect them. They somehow found a way to always stay unaffected, happy and peaceful amidst all the chaos of life.
I asked Guruji about it one evening when we were given time with Him, to discuss our progress with the schedule. Guruji very kindly explained that many of His disciples are yogis. Yogis are people with a certain level of spiritual elevation that comes from a regular practice of the right kind of yoga and meditation. The spiritual elevation transforms them into a state of higher consciousness. They have higher wisdom and understand all the mysteries of life. This enables them to see and understand everything as it is and be a witness of everything that’s happening around them but stay unaffected by it. This enables them to live among people or family members who are completely immersed in the material aspects of life.
And the highly advanced system of Nirvana Yoga enables Guruji’s disciples to quickly ascend to the state of a yogi. Guruji further explained that there is a common misconception that anybody who practices or teaches yoga is a yogi. It’s a misunderstanding. The term yogi doesn’t mean a person who practices yoga. He explained that this misconception raised from the fact that in the ancient times when yoga was an unadulterated spiritual science, anyone who practiced it regularly with unwavering dedication could automatically ascend to a yogic state due to the energy processes that occur in a person while practicing yoga. But in today’s world yoga has lost its essence. Now a person may practice it for years deriving only physical benefits from it. His spiritual status will not progress.
Once you become a yogi, you will find yourself in a state of liberation. You liberate yourself from the clutches of the material world that bring a lot of sufferings and sorrows to the people living in it. You can still live in the same place, have the same life but inside you, everything will be different. You can still enjoy everything life has to offer, but the presence or absence of them will not bother your peace of mind. Gaining something will not make you overjoyed, and losing something or someone will not make you melancholic. You will never be hysterical, nor will you be depressed.
A yogi is always in perfect balance. A yogi’s peace of mind never leaves him/her no matter the circumstance. A yogi still fulfills the responsibilities towards his family, friends and the society yet nothing can distract a yogi from the path towards his/ her destiny.
In my mind, I thought “Wow! Impressive! I would also like to become a yogi. It sounds super cool”. Reading my mind, Guruji kindly smiled and said “Anyone can become a yogi. But it’s not an easy thing to be achieved alone. A person undergoes a lot of transformations during the process. Its a process of turning a caterpillar into a butterfly. One will need help from others who have already walked the path to help them understand all that’s happening with them and successfully overcome the steps.”
I smiled in return. I knew what Guruji meant. I made a note to myself that I will try to become a yogi.
The following days I practiced everything with a newfound determination. I found out that not all those who visited the ashram were disciples and not all disciples were yogis. There were many among the disciples who were still in their efforts towards becoming a yogi. This gave me more inspiration. I found myself subconsciously imitating the behavior of the yogis of the ashram. It was easy then because I was in the ashram doing all the practices of Nirvana Yoga which always left me in a calm and peaceful state. I wondered if I can keep up behaving like them after I went back home.
We left the ashram on the eleventh day morning with a heavy heart. We didn’t want to leave the place. But we had to go back. We were both silent throughout the entire journey back home. My husband has to return to China to pursue his higher education in Modern Medical Science. It means he can’t visit ashram for the next six months after which he will return to India for a short vacation and go back again.
Over the next few days, I found myself continuing to behave the way the yogis of ashram did. (Well! Most of the time. I still got irritated by certain things). But still, it was a huge transformation that happened to me. All my relationships were getting better. Our marriage too. Ever since we started visiting the ashram we have not been fighting with each other and treated each other with more respect. My in-laws seemed to be more impressed by me. I heard them fondly mentioning me over the phone to other relatives. My job atmosphere got better. Everyone found me an easy person to interact with. I gained more popularity.
But I knew I still had a long way to go. Now I had a secret aim in my mind- to become a yogi.

(To be continued…)

The Energy Of Healing – A Journey Through Nirvana Yoga

The Entrance Of Thapovanam Siddhashramam

Energy is a term that we are all familiar with. We know that energies exist in a variety of forms. We have studied many of them as part of our education. They have been scientifically explained. We know a great deal about energy. There is static energy and kinetic energy. There is thermal energy & solar energy. There is electrical energy and there is nuclear energy. Gravitational force is a form of energy. Even the food we eat in the physical form gets converted into food energy.

We relate being energetic to a state of good health. We believe if a person feels less energetic, there might be something wrong with his physical or mental well being. We even relate energy to our state of mind. We believe that if a person is feeling good, he will feel more energetic which prompts him to do more and make more achievements. But if a person is not in a good mood, especially sorrow & disappointment, it affects his energy to do things. We even know that with a positive state of mind and attitude, humans can recover from deadly diseases like cancer which are otherwise incurable. How? Because of the positive attitude he feels which gets converted into positive energy which fights against the negative disease energy & eradicates it.
Having known all this, if I come to you and tell you I can cure you with energy, how many of you can believe me? If I tell you, I know of an energy that can heal anything & everything if you believe in it, how many of you can think it might be real?
Well! I was also skeptical at first until I understood the science behind it. It was my third visit to Thapovanam Siddhashramam. Just with the past two visits, I had noticed a lot of changes in myself, which in itself was an unbelievable thing for me. I had come so far from the person I used to be. I have become more joyous and carefree. I no longer felt the need to constantly talk about my worries or sorrows to anyone who will listen. I no longer felt my life was a tragedy. I met and greeted others with joy. I started to crack jokes. I noticed that people were starting to like my company. I started to feel more confident about myself. All this with just two days – A day of meeting with Guru Madhavacharyan and another day spend fully in prayer. I have heard before that yoga can transform your personality but Nirvana yoga was doing that in an insanely fast pace & I haven’t even started to practice proper yoga yet. Just by being in this place, I was getting transformed. I understood that this is not just any other yoga place. This place is special, its real and its unique. But how is all this happening? I wanted to learn about the process behind it. I humbly raised my questions & the disciples patiently explained it to me as simply as they could.
I found out that the entire system of Nirvana Yoga is based on energy processes & transactions. In general classification, two types of energy work on our body, mind & spirit – Positive energy & negative energy. Positive energy is in & around us in many forms such as the Universal energy, Solar energy, Heat energy, also as good thoughts & deeds. Nature is abundantly filled with it. And the prime source of it all is the Supreme Power or God that we call in many names. Negative energy also exists in and around us in forms such as diseases, negative emotions, filth, etc. And the source of negativity is a lack of positive energy.
From the day of creation of our soul, we have come a long way through lots & lots of births and rebirths and have acquired a lot of positive as well as negative things from each of these birth. They remain with us until removed and cleansed. Many of the diseases that affect us in this birth and many of our character traits have its roots running deep into many of theses acquisitions from previous births. And we won’t be able to live a life of complete health, peace, and happiness until all things negative are eradicated from us ie., from our soul.
Just as we wash away dirt from our body surface with water, these negativities needs to be washed away with positive energy. And even though hydrogen and oxygen are always around us in the air & atmosphere, it needs to come together and be combined in a specific proportion to be used as water. Likewise even though different varieties of positive energies are always around us in abundance, it needs to be converted into a specific form & frequency so that humans can receive it & use it for cleansing their body, mind, and soul.

In Nirvana Yoga, every practice is specifically designed in such a way that the practitioner automatically tunes himself into a frequency that allows him to receive this cleansing energy into his system. In other words, through practicing Nirvana Yoga, you receive positive energy in its most potent and functional form and the rest of the changes happen automatically in you. It’s an energy that cleanses you, heals you and strengthens you. This happens in all the Nirvana Yoga practices and there is even a specific practice called ‘Kalkaraiki’ which is a self-healing energy technique in which you can heal yourself using a specific form of healing energy that will be passed on to you by Guruji’s disciples who act as the source of the healing energy.

All this was new information to me. I could see the logic and science behind it. But it still didn’t answer my prime question. How did positive changes happen in me, even at the first visit to the ashram, when I hadn’t done any kind of Nirvana Yoga practice to receive the energy?

And in my mind, I somewhat knew the answer but I still needed confirmation. So I let them explain. As I guessed, it was Guruji’s presence that initiated the changes in me. Guruji has spent his entire life in intense yogic & deep meditative practices. He was receiving this positive energy his entire life. He had done extensive research on already existing yoga practices, often experimenting with them on himself, and found out the pros and cons of many of them. He later went on to develop this new system of Yoga called the Nirvana Yoga System in which he developed each practice into a perfect way of receiving positive energy. And that too not just any positive energy – the strongest and purest form of positive energy. Guruji had long before cleansed His soul completely and merged completely with the energy that He is now always in unison with – the Supreme Positive Energy. As we all know, energy always flows from a place of higher concentration to lower concentration. Guruji is filled with this energy so much so that He can act as a source of that energy. Hence Guruji always exudes this energy and it radiates to every living being around Him.

So when I sat before Guruji on the first day, I was in direct exposure to the energy fields surrounding Him and as I already had some form of positive energy in me that I derived from my many years of prayers, it was easy for my soul to resonate with Guruji’s energy and receive it effortlessly. Thus that day even without my knowledge I received huge amounts of positive energy from Guruji. And this increased furthermore during my next visit to the ashram in which I spend a whole day in prayer. Those prayers were also part of the Nirvana Yoga System. So anybody who participated in the prayer received lots of positive energy.
And the energy I received was healing me from inside even though I was unaware of it. Every moment and every second, this energy kept working inside me just as medicines worked on a diseased body part and was repairing me from inside. As my emotional pain started to heal, I started to feel happy again.
This is what happened to me & this is what happens to anyone who practices Nirvana Yoga. Now my enthusiasm to start practicing Nirvana Yoga increased a hundred folds and I couldn’t contain my excitement. And I & my husband decided to go and stay in the ashram for a few days to learn all the Nirvana Yoga practices. The dates were set & like a small child I was eagerly waiting for the days to come

[to be continued..]

For more details about the Nirvana Yoga System, you can visit their official website http://www.nirvanayogaglobal.com

You can also visit the facebook pages – ‘Madhavacharyan’ and ‘Thapovanam Siddhashramam Trust’

A Day Of Prayer – My Experience with Nirvana Yoga(Part 2)

Next time we went to Thapovanam Siddhashramam as early as we could with the intention of spending the whole day in ashram.
We reached there around 8:30 in the morning & saw a large group of people gathered together in prayer. A disciple came towards us with a kind yet very warm smile and informed that it was ‘Guru Upasana Day’. Its that day of the year when all the disciples gather together and spend the whole day in prayer & worship. ‘Guru Upasana Day’ literally means a day to worship Guru. But not in the religious sense of worship. It just means that all the disciples spend the day silently expressing their gratitude towards Guru Madhavacharyan for being the light of their lives & much more; and also in deep prayer.
We were also invited to join the prayer if we liked. My husband happily agreed. He was always in a fantastic mood whenever he came to the ashram. Like a small kid, he found everything in ashram very amusing & was always laughing & smiling.
I, however, felt a bit reluctant. I was not sure that I wanted to pray. I hadn’t prayed for months. I had given up & stopped praying when my family didn’t come back to me even after I prayed hard & intensely. I spent weeks & months in prayer weeping & begging for a chance to get back with my family but nothing happened. Eventually, I gave up hope & I gave up prayer. I lost my faith in God.
I went to Thapovanam Siddhashramam again wishing to meet Guru Madhavacharyan. All I wanted was to see Guruji & listen to His words as I could not forget the overwhelming sense of peace and joy I felt the last time I spoke to Him. However, Guruji was nowhere to be seen. Having nothing else to do, I followed my husband & sat among the crowd.
The next session of prayer was about to start. Another disciple of Guru Madhavacharyan was sitting in front facing the crowd. She too had a kind & affectionate expression on her face. She would be guiding the prayer & we were supposed to repeat after her. She too, like Guruji, spoke softly which instantly put me into ease. I immediately liked her and started to listen intently. She gave us a brief description of Guru Upasana Day and its importance. (which I will definitely put in another post as it’s a bit long to be put here).
After she finished the description, she asked us all to close our eyes & take deep relaxed breaths. I followed reluctantly as I understood that the prayer is going to start. I was still angry with God. I didn’t want to pray. Yet, I followed the instructions.
I was expecting some hymns or mantras in languages like Sanskrit which are supposed to be the divine languages but was astonished as the prayer was in the common native language & very simple. Even a kid would be able to understand the meaning & follow with ease. Basically, the prayer was for the redemption & betterment of ourselves, others & the whole world. We were praying to become better human beings & bring peace upon the world. We were praying for good changes in us, as only when we change, can the world also be changed.
There was no poetic arrangement of words, nor were there any hard complicated words which are usually meant to impress. The simplicity of the prayer touched my heart. The effect of that simple prayer was sudden & massive. I felt a huge wave of peace & relief washing over me. I felt completely immersed in it & for a short while I forgot my surroundings. This was a whole new experience for me. I never knew prayer could bring such an instant and deep effect on you.
I used to spend a lot of time in prayers right from my childhood. But after this experience, I felt ashamed of the way I had been praying all these years. All my prayers were so self-oriented. It was always about me or something I wanted. Whenever I wanted to achieve something or some circumstance to happen which was beyond my control, I would immediately start to pray and my prayers were always answered. My prayers were not like prayers, they were like demands. I was demanding something from God and He always fulfilled them. And for the first time in my life, a prayer was not answered, I got angry with God and stopped praying. What a selfish thing to do.
These disciples, on the other hand, were praying with such huge respect and love for God and they were not asking for any personal gain. The prayers were frequently filled with words of gratitude for all the blessings we humans received from God. Their prayers were so selfless and that’s why it brought such a soothing effect. I felt huge respect for Guruji and His disciples.

I was taking God for granted & always demanding one thing or another. I wanted to run away and hide somewhere in shame but as there was no place to hide from the Omnipresent Supreme Power, I sat there instead and asked for forgiveness. I could feel tears running down my face but they were not tears of sadness. I was feeling overwhelmed as I realized the immeasurable amount of love & care that God has been showering all my life. At that moment of realization, I felt a deep sense of gratitude and affection which was filling my heart and was making me feel elated.
At that moment I really wanted to meet Guruji and thank Him for this wonderful experience. I couldn’t explain how but I was completely sure that Guruji was the one behind this suddenly found wisdom of mine. But He was still not out for us to see. Something inside me told me that you need not see Him directly to tell Him this. He can still hear you even if He is out of your sight. I don’t know what made me think so, but I was so sure of this. So I closed my eyes & silently expressed my heartfelt gratitude to Guruji.
The whole day was spent like this. There were sessions of guided prayers as well as sessions of silent prayers. We were asked to observe the sensations in our body to feel the energy we received through prayers. It was explained that energy can also be felt like we feel sensations of heat, cold, etc. This was another new information for me and as I observed I found out that it was true. I could feel sensations like vibrations, pulsations, warmth, sometimes like prickling, etc in different parts of my body.
It was a day full of deep indulgence. I can’t express in words how I felt after that day full of prayers. At the end of the sessions, Guruji came out to see everyone. I was already feeling so calm & relaxed after all the prayers. I didn’t think it was possible for me to feel any more peace. But as Guruji came out, a more strong sense of peace and calm spread throughout the place.
I wondered inside, what is this place and who is this person? Am I dreaming? How is all this possible? What’s actually happening here? I looked at my husband and he was staring at Guruji with a completely dazzled expression. I noticed that almost everyone around had the same expression. So I knew it was not just me who felt this effect.
On the way back home, my husband couldn’t stop talking about Guruji and ashram and the disciples. And inside me, a quest was initiated. I wanted to know more about the place and about Guruji. I wanted to understand what’s really happening there. And I was determined to find the answers.

[to be continued]

For more information about Nirvana Yoga and Guru Madhavacharyan and the ashram, you can visit the official website http://www.nirvanayogaglobal.com. You can also visit the facebook pages ‘Madhavacharyan’ and ‘Thapovanam Siddhashramam Trust’

My Experience with Nirvana Yoga – Part 1

Yoga is an ancient science. In its true essence, yoga is a complete guide to leading a perfect way of life.
But unfortunately today after all these centuries, yoga has lost its true form. Now only the name remains which is being misused more often than not. It is horrifying to see all the contortions & gravely unscientific practices that are practiced around the world in the name of Yoga.
Recently I came across something called beer yoga. What does that even mean? Apparently there you drink beer as you do yoga. And I read somewhere about dog yoga or doga. It’s about creating a positive attachment with your pets. Trust me guys, these are not Yoga. They have nothing to do with Yoga.
Yoga is about learning to give away attachments & connecting with your inner self. Any practice that takes you in the opposite direction can never be called yoga.
There are also some yoga systems which focus their entire efforts & skills on mastering impossible poses & postures in the name of yoga asanas. Some of these are not even yoga postures. Yoga poses & postures are just the minutest part of yoga. Yoga is much more than that.
Luckily for me, I was fortunate enough to get a chance to learn the truest form of yoga – The Nirvana Yoga System. This system is not like any other system of yoga.
Nirvana yoga is a complete science. It’s a therapy. Its a way of life. , in fact, an art of wholesome living. It teaches you to live in the moment, free of all worries & anxieties. It teaches you to be complete.
Let me share my experience with the Nirvana Yoga System.
At the age of 23, my life took a horrible turn of events. I chose to marry someone who doesn’t belong to my caste & found myself rejected & barricaded by my parents and the whole big family I had from both my parent’s side. My parents were helpless. They were bound by the rules of religion. I had to leave my home & cut all ties with them. I was an outcast.
I was a very emotionally sensitive person at that time. A young girl who only wanted to be loved by all. For me being loved by my family was everything. I didn’t expect such a severe reaction to my decision of marriage. I expected a fight of course but I thought they will all approve in the end and give their blessings.
But instead, I received only hatred & curses. This send me into an emotional shock. I couldn’t cope up with the fact that now a large number of people hate me. I started to hate myself. I fell into despair. Remorse & self-reproach was at its peak. I stopped talking, I stopped smiling. I always felt miserable. My husband felt helpless. He didn’t know what to do. I projected all my miserable feelings onto him. As a result, our relationship suffered. Everything in my life was falling apart. The more I thought about solutions, the more complicated it seemed. I lost all hopes & stopped trying.
However, as I felt like I lost all purpose in my life, one day I was advised by someone to practice yoga. I was born & brought up as a Muslim. So the idea didn’t seem appealing to me at first. But as this person was one of the very few well-wishers left in my life, I agreed to give it a try. My husband also agreed to it gladly.
I thought I will be going to some yoga studio. But instead, I was taken to a calm & serene place which was called an ashram. (Thapovanam Siddhashramam). Being an Indian, I knew what an ashram was. Its a place where spiritual people lived & a place to go if you want to learn spirituality. I felt a bit alarmed. I didn’t want to pursue spirituality. I didn’t even know what spirituality really meant. I just wanted to have a peaceful life & to be loved by my family. But as always, I was afraid to voice my thoughts. So I silently followed.
We sat in wooden chairs arranged in front of a big peepal tree. We were told to wait there as Guruji (Guru Madhavacharyan, the founder of Nirvana Yoga) will be arriving shortly for His daily discourse sessions. Again I felt a slight alarm in my heart. I had only heard & read about Gurus. So I was not sure what to expect.
After a short while, Guruji arrived. He was tall & dressed fully in white. And I could immediately see that Guruji was exuding an aura of peace & bliss and it was radiating all around Him. I suddenly felt a strange sense of calm & peace of mind which had nothing to do with the circumstances in my life. I then noticed that it was not just me, everyone else was also feeling the same.
Guruji spoke softly. He inquired just the basic things – our names, where we are coming from etc. He then asked about the purpose of our visit. We informed that we want to learn yoga.
Guruji then asked us what color each of us liked & what taste we preferred. This appeared very strange but later I learned the meaning behind it.
Guruji then looked at me with a warm smile and started telling me about the state of my mind. He had such accurate insights into the things going on in my head that it stunned me. I was keeping it well hidden from the rest of the world. But at that moment instead of growing uncomfortable & irritated, I felt something else. I felt a kind of relief & I felt consoled. I felt like for the first time in a very long time, I am finally at a place where I am meant to be.
So I told Him everything that happened. He listened patiently. And then He explained to me all that I just said from another point of view and in very simple words. Suddenly everything started to make sense. I could understand things from my parent’s point of view too. I realized that they don’t really hate me, they are just more emotionally hurt than I am and their hurtful words are coming out of their pain. Then Guruji pointed out a few mistakes from my side & from my parents as well. Everything now seemed less complicated & simple. I wished I had met Guruji before all this happened. He would have given me the right advice & following it my life would have turned out to be wonderful.
I left ashram that day feeling relaxed & happy again. I felt unburdened & light after my first meeting with Guruji. My husband was also feeling the same. We had been advised by Him to come back & learn yoga. And surely we went again.

[to be continued…]

Why I am starting this blog?

Hi there.. My name is Jasmine. I am a doctor by profession. I am also a certified Nirvana Yoga Teacher & has been teaching Nirvana Yoga for the last six years. I was introduced to this perfect and completely scientific system of Nirvana Yoga 6 years back and it solved all my problems & completely changed my life. So much so that I wanted to spread this unique and powerful yoga system throughout the world because I strongly believe that Nirvana Yoga is the only system that can transform the world & restore humanity to its original form. Its the key to a joyful & peaceful life. I received a true blessing in my life in the form of Nirvana Yoga System & now I want to share it with the world. In this blog I will be sharing my experience as well as of many others who also had the fortune to learn this life altering system & lead a blissful life now. I will also be describing in detail about the system in my posts so that you can learn more about it.